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With LinkedIn You Can


Have a stand-out professional profile


Network without being schmoozie


Find great jobs - both clinical and nonclinical


Be found by key recruiters - while you sleep


This course is for you if -


The idea of being on LinkedIn is a bit overwhelming 


You want to make some career changes


You'd rather sort colored pencils than network 


 You don't want to miss out on professional opportunites


This course is for you if -


The idea of being on LinkedIn is a bit overwhelming 


You want to make some career changes


You'd rather sort colored pencils than network 


 You don't want to miss out on professional opportunites

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This course gives you a step-by-step roadmap for success on LinkedIn 


You'll learn how to:


Connect with the right people


Send messages that get attention 


Search strategically for jobs


Actually enjoy networking!



You can get started today with the LinkedIn for Physicians course. 


"Your LinkedIn for Physicians course has been great, I have felt much more comfortable reaching out for contacts, and updating the information in my profile."


Alleyne Smith, MD

What exactly do you get?



A 6 module course with 22 concise video lessons  

Cheat sheets for each lesson 

Examples of physician profiles 

Lots of encouragement!


Why not try the course out?


You can go at your own pace


Each step is shown in the video lessons


 You won't waste money paying a profile writer


 You'll know how to use the cool features



Plus, you’ll also get the...


BONUS PDF GUIDE: How to Rock Your Informational Interviews!


"Because everyone said I needed one, I created a LinkedIn profile several years ago. I didn’t have the knowledge or patience to develop a very engaging profile. This course was great for a LinkedIn beginner like me. My profile is a lot more robust and I’m more confident navigating the site. Even if you are a LinkedIn Pro, you may find some helpful tips for your next job search!"


Dr. Andrew Wilner, Neurologist

Here’s the course breakdown of the 3 hours of video content

Module 01: Getting Started and Key Settings

Get oriented to LinkedIn, configure your privacy and visibility settings, and determine if the free or Premium version is right for you. 

Module 02: Your Headshot and Intro Card

Discover the importance of a great headshot, banner photo, and headline to stand out amongst the competition. Set up your contact info and customize your URL.

Module 03: Core Must-Have Sections

Learn how to optimize the core sections with your experience, skills, and education, as well as write a compelling summary about yourself. 

Module 04:  Nice-to-Have Sections

Enhance your profile by adding your volunteer experience, getting recommendations, highlighting key accomplishments, and joining groups. 

Module 05: Connect, Message, and Network

Find out how to grow your connections, message others successfully, and use the alumni hack to start opening doors and possibilities.

Module 06: The Job Search and Recruiters

See how to signal recruiters you’re open to work, use InMail, upload your CV/resume, and start applying to jobs. 


"Heather’s LinkedIn course is a must-do for anyone new to LinkedIn looking to beef up their account! The videos clearly demonstrate how to create and enhance each section of your profile including real-life examples of LinkedIn physician accounts. I also love how Heather walks you through how to successfully use your LinkedIn account to network and look for jobs! I highly recommend this course!"


Dr. Katie Lowe, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

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"Heather is a life-saver! Creating a LinkedIn profile and learning how to use LinkedIn to network and find potential jobs gave me the hope and confidence I needed to know that I could leave clinical medicine and make the transition to a non-clinical job. I made helpful connections and was offered 2 jobs. Heed her sage wisdom, it works!"


Dr. Melissa Lestini, Neonatologist

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I’m Heather and I created this course just for you! 

I’m a former dermatologist and founder of The Doctor’s Crossing. As a Master Certified Coach, I’ve been helping physicians find greater fulfillment in their careers, both in clinical practice and a wide variety of nonclinical jobs. 

In this course, I’m giving you the knowledge and tips and tricks I share with my 1:1 coaching clients so you can have all the information at your fingertips. 

My goal in offering this course is for you to have a top-notch, affordable resource to help you make the career changes you’re seeking in a very easy-to-use format. 

Here’s to your best-ever career path!

Carpe Diem,


 For just $297, the LinkedIn for Physicians course will provide everything you need to create an impressive profile, successfully network, and find opportunities. 




So the question is, are you ready to make those career changes you’ve been dreaming about?